702 Area Code


Area code 702 was originally assigned to serve the entire state of Nevada in October of 1947. The state of Nevada went through an area code numbering split off on December 12, 1998 to keep up the state's explosive growth. A second area code "775" was to be introduced and assigned to service cities such as Reno and Carson due to the state's explosive growth and demand for phone services. The second area code was in large demand by the late 90's and early 2000's thanks to, Las Vegas' growth and popularity, fuelled by the rise of cell phones and pages.

The split was useful and much needed at the time; however it was not enough as the years went by. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada approved a second area code (725) in the same region as the 702 area code. This is referred to as an "overlay", an overlay occurs when an area code is added to the same geographic location as an existing area code (702). This was done to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers to residents and businesses within the serviced areas. This overlay will generally cover areas such as Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Moapa Valley, North Las Vegas. Although necessary, the addition of the overlay to the 702 area code forced customers to start dialling area code + telephone number as opposed to the old way of using only 7 digits to dial a telephone number without an area code.


This area code is extremely popular due to Las Vegas' tourism. With over 40+ million visitors a year, receiving a phone call from within this area code is not unlikely. Majority of the large hotels and resorts within the Las Vegas strip use the 702 area code. Hotel guests often use the lobby telephone or perhaps the in-room telephones to make phone calls to others. The hotels or resorts marketing or customer service reps may also contact you with a 702 telephone number.


The 702 area code has faced a lot of criticism over the years for fraudulent and scam calls. The calls range from the scammers trying to steal your information by impersonating someone to the more sophisticated ones where the scammer already has some of your information is trying to get more from you. Doing your due diligence is very important when receiving phone from strangers. Federal agencies and financial institutions do not call you ask for your personal information. We recommend using the search bar in the top menu to look up the phone number information about a phone number that has called you recently whom you do not know the information about.


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Areas Served By 702

Area code 702 serves a large number of cities and towns within Nevada. The cities and towns served include Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Nelson, Searchlight, Laughlin, Mesquite, Lake Mead, Overton, Logandale, Alamo, Glendale, Sandy Valley, Reno, Upper Muddy, Mount Charleston, Jean, Blue Diamond. Many populated and popular destinations in Nevada are served by the 702 area code. From the Las Vegas vicinity to rural mountain sides are served by this area code.