Area Code 702 - Zip Code 89014

The 89014 area code covers Henderson, Nevada in Clark County. There are a total of 1,300 business addresses and over 15,000 home addresses within this zip code. There is a total population of approximately 36,920 people living in this area as of 2018. The city of Henderson is located in the Mojave Desert, 16 miles from Las Vegas.

Some of the more noteworthy landmarks in this area include St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Clark County Heritage Museum, and Henderson Executive Airport. This zip code has been ranked as the second safest area in the U.S. by Forbes magazine because of its exceptionally low crime rate.

The old PEPCON rocket fuel factory, which was located in what is now the Gibson Springs neighborhood, caught fire back in 1988. This fire caused tremendous damage to the area, in part because of the 3.0 magnitude earthquake that resulted from the explosion. This event played a significant role in Henderson's industrial development even years later.


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