Area Code 702 - Zip Code 89019

The 89019 zip code is assigned to Jean, NV, with a population of 2,673. The total land area that this zip code covers is 477.16 square miles, making it one of the largest zip codes in the state by land area but the smallest by population. There are also 1,623 housing units in this area. The neighborhoods in this zip code include Goodsprings, Primm, and Sandy Valley.

Sandy Valley High School can be found within this zip code, along with a number of elementary and middle schools. This zip code spills into California by about one hundred miles. This area's population consists of mostly middle-aged adults, and it has fewer young children than most of the surrounding areas. The median home value is $106,600, which is about average for the general area. There is no water in this area, though there are some small springs fifty miles outside of the zip code.


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