Area Code 702 - Zip Code 89021

The 89021 zip code is assigned to Clark County, more specifically the city of Logandale. The cities of Amber, NV, Moapa Valley, NV, and Jackman, NV also fall under this zip code. Both Logandale and Moapa Valley are unincorporated areas. The Clark County Fair and Rodeo is held within this area each year. There is a total population of 3,605 people and 1,214 housing units.

This zip code's area is largely residential with a few noteworthy landmarks, including the Moapa Paiute Travel Plz-Casino. The 89021 zip code was first implemented back in 1865, when Logandale was known as West Point. The area was significantly expanded and given the name Saint Joseph a few years later.

There is a total land area of 40.84 square miles, most of which is unincorporated. Robert E. Wells, who was general authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was born in this zip code.


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